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12 Month Rental Plan | Lamu 2'6x8 Runner | From $30/mo
12 Month Rental Plan | Lamu 2'6x8 Runner | From $30/mo

12 Month Rental Plan | Lamu 2'6x8 Runner | From $30/mo

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12 month rental plan. Price shown is for the full term if paid up front for the best rate. Or to pay month to month rates, simply select the partial.ly payment plan option at checkout.


Capture the timeless style of a flatweave dhurrie with this jute-blend area rug. Its neutral, diamond pattern will pair with any home décor theme, from minimalist to coastal, making your redesign effortlessly tasteful and cozy. PET fibers, made from recycled soda bottles, add softness to the naturally durable jute fibers, so your family can enjoy playtime or movie night comfortably on your new living room area rug. Its thin profile and dense texture also helps prevent edge curling or bunching, making this eco rug a wise choice for dining rooms and other areas with high foot traffic.

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