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New Shaka Rug 5 x 8

New Shaka Rug 5 x 8

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5' x 8' handwoven, all-natural wool and jute rug.

Our planet is getting hotter if you believe
the science (and we do). We are living in a
material world if you believe Madonna
(we believe this as well). What steps can
we take as a society to lessen our negative
impact on the environment while still buying
the stuff we like? One thing we can do is to
choose to buy goods made from sustainable
and recycled materials. As a company,
we have made it our mission to source such
materials whenever possible. In fact, all of
our rugs are made using significant
percentages of sustainable materials that are
either natural, recycled or upcycled. 

Nicknamed the “Golden Fiber” for its beautiful
luster, Jute fibers are characteristically long, soft
and shiny and are among the strongest, most
flexible vegetable fibers on the planet. Its
fibers exhibit naturally anti-static, insulating
and moisture regulating properties that are
exceptional qualities for a natural fiber area rug.

Wool is, of course, an animal fiber shorn from sheep.
It resists crushing due to a natural, permanent crimp
so it wears well and handles the rigors of a busy
home. It is naturally anti-static, flame resistant and
moisture resistant and cleans easily. It is soft and
feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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